TestimonialsOur customers are our most important marketing tool:

« We use many different market experts. Chameleon not only had this expertise, but also made it relevant to our PE customers in a format they appreciated. » Rustom Kharegat, Global Head of Private Equity, KPMG LLP

« The integrated-supply strategy developed by Chameleon remains at the core of our major, key-account strategy – ten years on! » Peter Sleigh, Marketing Director, ARCO

« Chameleon quickly identified the issues in our German subsidiary, managed them on our behalf – including interacting with the Works Council – and made it easier to sell the operations to the PE bidders. » Nigel Baker, VP Business Operations, The Associated Press

« The advisors at Chameleon were instrumental in taking our complex, technical -product offering and communicating it to our Conglomerate-Customers’ Board in a clear, concise (non-technical) basis, allowing them to comfortably take the investment decision. » Dr Peter Elpel, Managing Director, Consultec Dr. Ernst GmbH

« Chameleon jump started a project that had been stagnating for six years and developed a first-rate business plan that clearly defined all exec (and non-exec) roles within the Group, making it much easier to move forward. » Kuwaiti Investor

« Chameleon co-ordinated the market research, analysed the resulting data, generated various potential strategies and tested the strategies on our behalf. » Hans-Christian Stegemann, Head of Europe, EDE (Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH)

« Whilst not have delivered the silver-bullet we would have liked, Chameleon helped us better understand the industry, allowing us to take key decisions on strategy and acquisitions. » US FMCG Manufacturer

« Chameleon's staff have excellent direct management expertise and balanced judgement . » Robin Jarratt, Head Direct Investments Europe, GIC Special Investments