SME Consulting

Assisting Small and Medium Enterprises across the complete range of business issues.

Running small and medium enterprises is a very difficult job putting incredible pressures on the Owner/Managers, expecting them to not only take crucial decision but to take and implement these decisions across a wide range of skill sets. This can sometimes be daunting, especially during the current economic uncertainty. Chameleon, drawing from the thousands of consultants accredited by The Alternative Board (TAB) is able to help.

An Introduction to TAB

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The Alternative Board supports business owners to take their business to the next level through; supportive advisory boards made up of other local business owners, expert 1-2-1 coaching, and our suite of business tools.

Like traditional business coaches and consultants we’ll look at improving your sales, sorting out your HR or helping you with your finances, but we’ll start with you, the business owner, as a person. Our coaching and mentoring sessions are designed to give you the time and space you need to gain more clarity and focus on your business. With the additional support of the TAB Business Builder’s Toolkit you will have everything you need to exceed your goals and set new ones.

Business Support Provided

Chameleon is equipped to assist SMEs across a comprehensive range of areas, including:

Typical Examples:

  • Developed a long-term strategy for a UK capital-goods distributor and re-structuring the operations to suit the strategy.
  • Developing customer-journey experiences for European subsidiaries of a US FMCG multinational. Guided an asset-management proposal to a German subsidiary of a UK maritime re-insurer.
  • Developed potential target market for a mid-size plastics manufacturer for a new type of plastic. Mapped the print and electronic educational market, including identifying new opportunities.
  • Analysis of Caribbean market and product portfolio for a PE financed educational publisher. European plan for a US, e-enabled educational-supply company.
  • International marketing for a German sports/lifestyle start-up.