Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Mergers and Acquisitions

Innovative and creative consulting partners to corporations and investors, including individuals, fonts and private equity.

We focus on discovering value through sound research and analysis, offering prudent advice throughout the investment life-cycle, whilst creating a secure consulting partnership with our private equity clients and key stakeholders to create real value.

Chameleon M & A consulting represents a significant part of our global business. We maintain an active network of experienced professionals serving our EMEA clients. At Chameleon our extensive experience of working in specific regions of the world across all major sectors–from industry and consumer products to financial services, technology, e- commerce and manufacturing ensures exceptional client service and support on a broad range of objectives.

Mutual value creation through thorough and meticulous planning and preparation.

  • Deal inception and generation
  • Due diligence
  • Investment value creation
  • Portfolio Analysis / Maintenance
  • Business turnaround Strategy
  • Disposal and Exit Scheduling
  • Sales and marketing sector strategy
  • Distressed Operations Turnaround / Management

Typical Examples:

  • Developed UK safety-market overview, identified 8 acquisition targets, developed price structures for three, and led the bid process on one.
  • Rationalised a European media company – reducing headcount by 25%, without a reduction in core activities – in preparation for sales to PE.
  • Developed UK capital-goods-market overview, identified 3 targets.
  • Developed European safety-market overview, including in depth product/price analysis.
  • Assisted a capital-goods-distribution start-up with a strategic plan, continued in a non-exec role guiding the progress.
  • Assisted an inventor of a protective product in developing a strategy, ongoing involvement in a non-exec role guiding the progress.
  • Regular, hourly consulting to investors into the safety, janitorial, food-service and other capital-goods segments.